It’s Time to Travel to Iceland: The Golden Circle

Where to Next: REYKJAVIK, Iceland, is known mostly for its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs the BLUE LAGOON and lava fields.  Most of the population lives in the capital, Reykjavik, which runs on geothermal power and is home to the National and Saga museums, tracing Iceland’s Viking history.

Iceland Golden Circle is a must do road trip. ¬†I personally love road trips with my guy and we try to go on as many as possible. ¬†So if you are planning a trip to Iceland I say rent a car. Most blogs would say to make sure you get a 4wd vehicle but to me it just depends on where you are planning to go and what time of year you visit. I went in June and the weather was perfect, there wasn’t any snow so you can definitely get by with almost any vehicle during this time (just my opinion ). ¬†The Trip Notes below for this blog will be my must do for a quick Golden Circle Road Trip and a few city highlights.


THE BEST ROUTE FOR THE GOLDEN CIRCLE TOUR.. Check out my youtube video here of the Golden Circle.


 What you must do:


GAS UP : So we got up pretty earlier in hopes to beat the crowds and the massive tour companies and it was so worth it. Most companies start at 8 a.m. so we tried to be on the road by 6 a.m. notice I said tried.  lol .. I have never been one for time but we did beat the crowd but whose keeping score (waves hand in the air like I do care) .  We stopped at the local gas stations to gas up and grab coffee and snacks. Definitely make sure you have plenty of gas because I did not see one gas station on the route.  Gas is pretty expensive in Iceland like mostly everything else so be ready for the mouth open look at the Gas pump.

DOWNLOADS: ¬†Make sure to download a good offline Map. My map of choice is an app call Maps Me. I used it on all my trips and find it very helpful. You may also want to download other places to check out along the way or great places to eat at for reference. Most of the Golden circle stops have cafe’s but they can be a little pricey.

First stop:¬†¬†Thingvellir National Park¬† has¬†some of the most breath-taking views and if you get there early you will have the entire park to yourself plus free parking at the top. Take as long as you want as there is so much to see from waterfalls, to Natural formations. The park is also home to the Silfra fissure ¬†a crack between the North American and Eurasian continental plates, and it‚Äôs the only place in the world where you¬†can dive or snorkel directly between two continental plates. I hear that it has some of the best underwater visibility. I am definitely curious to find out after snorkeling the great barrier reefs in Cairns. But since we didn’t have time to circle back to this part ¬†I will have to save it for our next visit.


Next Stop:  Geysers!! We stopped at the Geysers of Haukadalur    There are several small and large geysers here including the Geysir which is what gave us the word Geyser itself.  Research has shown that this Geyser has been active for more than 10,000 years. Most of the Geysers here erupt every 5-10 minutes. IMG_2675

On to: WATERFALLS Gullfoss waterfalls is one of the most up close and personal waterfalls and a must see on the golden circle for its iconic views.  The water plummets down 32 meters in two stages into a rugged canyon which walls reach up to 70 meters in height. On a sunny day you might even catch a rainbow.

Lastly: ¬†Just STOP!!! We took so many unplanned stops along the way to admire the view the farm animals especially the Icelandic horses the owners even put out horse food so you can feed them so don’t be shy. After all what’s a road trip without at least one unplanned stop. I can’t begin to tell you the things I’ve seen on my journey by just going with the flow.

Hang out in the city:

The City of REYKJAVIK is a nice place to explore after you have finished your Golden Circle Tour.

You must Try and Icelandic Hotdog. I picked up one from Baejarins Beztu Pylsur¬†which translates as the best hot dogs in town. Honestly, I picked up another hotdog from a little stand in town and it was just as good. I’m not sure if you can go wrong ¬†with a hotdog in Iceland. I think it may be even better than a New York hot dog, sorry New York¬†it was really good.

The city never sleeps especially when it’s mostly daylight so you can always find some pub or bar open late. There where times it was 2 a.m. but it felt like it was 2 p.m. to me. So make sure you are aware of the time. I believe the city shuts down for a small 4 hour block before everything opens again.

Finally go to the Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral it is one of the tallest structures in Iceland and during the northern lights one of the best places to catch a view.

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My Lady Nyoka




It’s time to Travel to Austria

Well Greetings My Ladies and Gents… ¬†so happy to have you here.. please take the opportunity to check out my vlog on You Tube .. link below.. ¬†Below you will find what I like to call the “TRIP (Cliff) Notes” of my trip. These quick notes should help you navigate and plan your next trip. ¬†Great little fun facts, places to eat, and great things to see. ¬†Enjoy don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and this blog.

Where to Next: Vienna is the largest city and Capital of Austria and absolutely one of my favorite places. It is known for it’s rich musical background as it is said to be home to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Johann Straus and Johannes Brahms just to name a few. Being from California I was intrigued to go to another place thats publicly acknowledge as a “City of Dreams.”


What you must do:

1. You should rent a bike. Renting a bike is quick and easy all you have to do is sign up online or at one of the bike stations. I do recommend signing up ahead of time online because it will save you a lot of headache later.   click here to check out the website  Renting a bike is the best way to checkout a lot of the sites I listed below.


2. You must go see Belvedere Complex, St Stephens Cathedral, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Garden Street, Schonbrunn Palace, and Prater.  I was able to go to all these places in one day and it was a lovely bike ride.  There were parking stations near each spot so I was able to park and check them out.  I am a sucker for great architecture so I was definetly please.



3. You must eat a Schnitzels. ¬†Wherever I go I have to try the local food, or in this case what Vienna is famous for. Yeah I was thinking sausages at first.. lol (Crazy American ) but oh my God this was absolutely amazing. Just thinking about it now makes me want to go back. ¬†There are a lot of places that sell this delicious, perfectly crusted and fried piece of meat, so I was on the search for the best. ¬†My research led me to the famous Figlmueller¬†. ¬†The lines are long but the wait is worth it. Do yourself a favor and stop in for the best Schnitzel I’ve ever had.

4. So apparently you can’t go to Vienna without trying there famous Sacher Cake or tort. Now first let me say that I am a lover of anything sweet but for me this cake did not hit any of my heavenly spots. ¬†Don’t worry there are plenty of places you can pick up this cake. I wasn’t a huge fan¬†and I tried it at two locations.

5. If you can make it during the Christmas Tree Festival I’ve heard it’s a must see from locals and tourist alike. So I guess you know what I’m doing next time I’m In Vienna.


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog.. Take a look at my Youtube vlog for the rest of ¬†the cool things I did while in Vienna Austria. And don’t forget Be Worldly see you in the next Blog/Vlog..


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My Lady of the Month Nyoka Boswell

I decided to recognize myself this month. I’m not being vain, but I am very proud of myself. I recently stepped out on faith and started a new vlog, mainly¬†about travel. ¬†I am always afraid to do things that solicits other people to get on board with my¬†idea or even to just do a little thing as press the follow icon on your instagram or twitter account… @myladytravel (ha ha, shameless plug). But seriously, these things frighten me, mostly because I’ve always thought that if i wanted to do something is was up to me only. Well that is mostly true, but I have learned in this world you need people. People were created for each other, and we need to help¬†each other. One would think that¬†¬†I would have learned¬†that a long time ago. Especially since I am the first person to help other people. I always have liked teams and¬†collaberating with others. ¬†I liked the extra push and accountability that teams provided. Now I have to be my own accountability and if I’m honest, ¬†it feels good to know that I’m doing something that I get to call all the shots on. I can let my creativity flow without worrying about who plans to veto it.

Now, since I’m the Lady of the Month, here are a little facts about me. I’m a comedic actress who has had the opportunity to work along some great actors, directors, and producers along my journey. I write sketch comedy have perform stand up and love to travel. I am currently on a quest to travel to every continent at least twice ( because every ladies needs to see the world). ¬†But most of all I’m enjoying life. ¬†I hope this post inspires you to do the thing that you have always wanted to do or afraid to do. If you need any advice or would like to chat just hit me up. Lets do life and travel the world together.

. IMG_0528

Whenever  I need to relax and just think I like to go and sit by the water, wether its and ocean or a river, the water always comes this southern lady

. IMG_2731

I’m learning how to take the time write down my ideas and goals. I’m old shcool and I like to see things on paper. Write the Vision !


Any time I get the opportunity to be a Southern Belle, this lady is all over it.

Enjoy life my Ladies and Gents and don’t forget being a lady or gentlemen never goes out of style.


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It’s time to travel to Ireland. Travel Tips and Hacks

Where to Next: ¬†Well hello my ladies and Gents and welcome back to another blog. This time we are traveling to Dublin, Ireland with a few stops along the way. ¬†Ireland has been on my bucket list for a while and since I live in California I was craving beautiful fall weather. ¬†I decided to pack my fall jacket pull out my favorite fall outfits¬†and head to Dublin where the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. ¬†Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and used to be apart of the British Empire but in 1922 it became the capital of the Irish Free State. ¬†Below you will find my Trip Notes and a link to my You Tube Vlog. As always don’t forget to subscibe and enjoy.


What you must do:

  1. You must Visit The Guinness Factory. The Guinness factory is a must see in Dublin be prepared for¬†free beer, an educational tour, and inspiration to pursue your own dreams.¬†The factory itself is huge and offers two restaurants. With your entry ticket you are given a voucher for beer. I suggest having a beer at the rooftop bar Where you can take in¬†¬†a 360 view of the city. ¬†It’s the perfect place to indulge on some libations and relax.
  2. You must visit the museums and have a little fun. There are so many great museums in Dublin, here are a few that I recommend, any of the National Museum of Ireland are an excellent choice, but I enjoyed the National Museum of Decorative Arts and History, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, and the Little Museum of Dublin.
  3. Visit the Book of Kells located in Trinity College. The campus is also a nice sight to see as well. The Book of Kells was written around 800 A.D. and contains the Four Gospels written in Latin. It was originally buried because of fear, but was later rediscovered  and given to Trinity College for safe keeping.
  4. Self drive and take a Day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. There are several tours you can take but I am an avid advisor of creating your own tours. Self driving allows you to stop along the way at random places where the locals like to frequent. These hidden gems are always the highlight of my trip.
  5. Search for Clovers, when I was a kid I would spend hours looking for a four-leaf clover. I think I only actually found one during my childhood . The rest of the time was spent making a three-leaf clover look like it was a four. LOL  Ireland is the perfect place for this because there are fields everywhere and its a perfect reason to stop along your drive or walk and take in the scenery. IMG_0177
  6. Visit A Castle: ¬†there is castle everywhere in Ireland and Dublin has no shortage. I was actually fortunate to stay in one and I must say I felt like a Queen. ¬†I’m sure we all had those princess dreams and Ireland is the perfect place to pretend. Lucky for me had my prince along for the ride. Dublin Castle is a great place to start.¬†Dublin Castle is the heart of historic Dublin. In fact the city gets its name from the Black Pool – ‘Dubh Linn’ which was on the site of the present Castle garden.IMG_9784

Overall Dublin is a beautiful place to visit. check out my video below ¬†to see all the places we went or our trip, and some extra gems as well. ¬†Always thanks so much for visiting my site and Don’t forget to Be Worldly.

Hey My Ladies and Gents!!! Vlogs coming all about travel!!!

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You Lingering Insensitive Selfish A!

Greetings My Lady,

This weeks topic is very hard for me because I am allowing myself to be very vulnerable and transparent. However, despite my trepidation I am willing to open up to my fellow ladies and Gents with the hopes of my own growth and helping others heal.  So here we go..

I have always been that chick that found it hard to forgive especially if I felt you wrong me. ¬†My typical method of operations was to quickly cut you loose and let you go anywhere as long as it was out of my life. ¬†If I felt offended, not appreciated, or was just in one of my Lisa Moods, my first response was always “hit the road Jack and don’t come back no more… no more… no more!”. Ok so for all of you who don’t know who Lisa is let me introduce¬†you. Lisa is that chick that lives inside me that doesn’t want me to be happy she (L.I.S.A.) is a lingering insensitive selfish A$$hole!! Yes I did just call myself out. Why would you say that about yourself, you may be wondering. Well, I say it because I believe we all have a Lisa inside of us, no matter what you call her/him until we are able to recognize¬†Lisa we¬†will never be able to grow as Ladies.

I dedicated this blogs to the ladies because I felt it was time to step up and stir up the lady inside of all of us. I believe in order to truly be a lady you have to behave in such a way that shows decorum, and frankly just saying forget you to people who have hurt you or offended you may not be the best Lady “esque” approach. I had to figure out what it was¬†that made me become this way. When I reflected back I was able to remember a time when I was younger and believed that I had the best friend in the world we were such great friends. We love the same things, were silly, and crazy, always cracking each other up, and one day it all just stop. She basically dismiss me for another chick.. yeah me!! I’m still shock over that one. This childhood friend hurt me deeply and to avoid future hurt, I became that person that would run before I would allow someone to hurt me again.

This method is not a favorable method, especially not for an adult LADY. I had brought my little girl problem solving skills to my adult life. I now know that as you get older you ¬†1. tend to value¬†people a little more (if you don’t you probably should) and 2. you should now have gain the knowledge of how to behave like a lady. ¬†What I believe a Lady should do when she is offended is go to the person that hurt you explain your feelings let them know how you feel, approach them with love, kindness, humility, and an open heart. Value their opinions and feelings as much as you value your own. Talk to them and both of you figure out a way of how you can be a better friend to each other. Now is this a sure-fire¬†way of working every issues that you have with someone out ..ummm maybe not. However, I say instead of allowing yourself to lose another friend, co-worker, or even significant other try this first. I for one am definitely working on it and I’m¬†choosing to release the ¬†lingering insensitive selfish A$$hole in me. (L.I.S.A)

I am truly grateful to all my friends who have stuck around during my Lisa moments, and I am also grateful that I have allowed myself to handle my situations as an adult. I am sure there are moments where Lisa likes to come through but I recognize her and I now tell her to “hit the road Jack, and don’t come back no more… no more … no more.” I now challenge you all to choose the Lady approach and not the other way, you may have chosen in the past to deal with hurt relationships. I say always remember, “A relationship worth starting is also worth cultivating.”


My Lady



Lady of the Month

DVF .. My Lady Diane Von Furstenberg

I had the pleasure of attending the DVF exhibit in Los Angeles . The exhibit was exquisite. ¬†The collection went back to the 70’s and the dresses even then were making us ladies look ravishing.¬†DVF iconic wrap dress in my opinion and thousands of other fashionista’s will make any lady look great. DVF says ” feel like a woman wear a dress ” I say ” feel like a lady wear a dress.”

Dresses for years have made us ladies stand out from men the way they hug our curves makes most men stop and recognize. I’m not saying ladies only wear dresses but I am saying if this month you want to feel more lady like put on a dress , call up one of your best girlfriends (or maybe mom) and go out to brunch . Who knows maybe in your “feel like a lady moment” you may run into that lucky gentleman .


My Lady Nyoka

Check out photos from the exhibit below.. and leave me a comment on who you think should be next months “Lady of the Month”



I love a good animal print…



One of my favs! from the exhibit..


Every Lady knows how to wear black and white!



DVF 70’s dresses giving me Life!




My Lady Michelle Obama!! In DVF!!



Had to bring My Lady Michelle along !!!




MY Lady Michelle and I admiring the exhibit..